Baby Grand Piano

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Build your own BABY GRAND PIANO with Mini Building Blocks! Perfect as a gift for both children and adults, this kit is fun and challenging! With many small pieces, this kit helps develop dexterity and focus for adults and children alike. Made with high quality, safe materials, the fully assembled kit results in a highly detailed, handheld size figurine of the BABY GRAND PIANO. Perfect as an educational experience or decoration for your desk, child's nightstand or party, these kits produce such impressive figurines, you will want to collect them all!    


Pieces: 424

Assembled Size: 3 ⅛ x 3 5⁄16 x 2 ½

Recommended for ages 12+


BABY GRAND PIANO: Baby Grand Piano The first smallest grand piano measuring five feet long was created in 1884 and given the name baby grand. Compared to other piano varieties, grand pianos produce better sound and allow the player to have more control of the keys. The strings lay horizontal and away from the well-known black and white keyboard, making them longer which allow this particular piano to have richer sound and tones. From jazz, blues, and classical genres of music, the piano has set an influential foundation for music and entertainment dating back to the 17th century.


Step by step building instructions included

Made of original ABS material, CPC safety certified, non-toxic and durable