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Build a Brontosaurus with Mini Building Blocks! This kit is sure to provide a screen free, fun and challenging experience! Containing 416 small pieces made from high quality, safe materials, this kit helps develop dexterity and focus for adults and children over the age of 12. Perfect as an educational experience, gift, or decoration, the fully assembled kit results in a highly detailed, handheld size Brontosaurus figurine. Building these Mini Building Blocks kits are so satisfying that you will want to collect the entire Dino line! 

416 Pieces

Assembled Size: 3 1/8 x 11 3/8 x 4 5/8 inches

Recommended for ages 7+

The name Brontosaurus comes from the Greek word, meaning “thunder lizard”. It is a genus of the quadruped sauropod dinosaurs and lived during the Late Jurassic epoch, 163 to 145 million years ago. The brontosaurus had a long, think neck and a small head that was perfectly adapted for a plant-based diet. They had a large, heavy torso and a long whip like tail.  It is believed that they may have weighed up to 15 tons and measured up to 72 feet long. 

Step by step building instructions included

Made of original ABS material, CPC safety certified, non-toxic and durable