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Build your own Sloth with Mini Building Blocks! This fun and challenging kit makes the perfect educational experience or gift for both kids and adults. With 348 small pieces, this kit helps develop dexterity and focus for adults and children over the age of 12. Made with high quality, safe materials, the fully assembled kit results in a highly detailed, handheld size figurine of the loveable Sloth. Perfect for your desk, child's bedroom or party decoration, these kits produce such impressive figurines, you will want to collect the whole rainforest line!

348 Pieces

Assembled Size: 3 1/8 x 4 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches

Recommended for ages 7+

The sloth (order Pilosa), is a tree-dwelling mammal that is most noted for its slowness of movement. They live in the lowland tropical forests of South and Central America, where they can be found high in the forest canopy sunning, resting, or feeding on leaves. Sloths have long legs, short tails and rounded heads with unnoticeable ears. They have poor eyesight and hearing and depend mainly on their sense of touch. Their limbs are adapted for suspending their body, rather than supporting it, therefore making them helpless when on the ground unless they have something to grab onto. They are nocturnal and solitary animals. 

Step by step building instructions included

Made of original ABS material, CPC safety certified, non-toxic and durable